Neo Chorio (Polis area)

Neo Chorio is both a traditional village with coffee-shops and tavernas as s well as a tourist one.While in the village you must not miss out on visiting the following attractions:

The Triskelion Pottery where Ara and his wife Nancy painstakingly reproduce exact replicas of ancient pottery found in the Cyprus museums.

Permanent display of original paintings, drawings, prints and stone carvings by HARRY HAWKINS.
Books and talking books by SHEILA HAWKINS.
You can meet the artist and the author and get pictures and books personally signed.

In the hills just outside the village is the entrance to an intricate cave system with beautiful subterranean caverns filled with stalagmites and stalactites.

For those wishing to visit our beautiful Village during Easter (April) it is recommended that you join in on the Festival which is held in Neon Chorion.

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