Sightseeing Around

Cyprus is full of contrasts with something of interest for visitors of all ages and with all types of different activities that can really make a holiday action-packed - but only if that's what you want! In Cyprus, time is of little importance except for businessmen, so each day can be enjoyed at a leisurely pace - siga siga! - slowly, slowly! After all, there is so much to appreciate about Aphrodite's island that pausing for a moment to enjoy a marvellous view, a fragile flower or a colourful village scene really helps make it a very memorable holiday.

Cyprus is steeped in a rich and colourful history and its numerous archaeological treasures are breathtakingly beautiful, so make sure you have the camera and a good guidebook! Away from the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean, the golden beaches, secluded bays and great waters ports there is unspoilt countryside with rare and endemic flowers and many birds and butterflies that beckon you to explore! The best way is on foot, simply enjoying the countryside that changes with almost every turn! There are undulating hills, golden plains and of course the Trodos mountains with their cool refreshing air that's lightly scented with pine - no wonder Cyprus has long been popular with travellers and coaxes the creativity of writers and artists.

The main town of Cyprus are colourful and bustling with the latest European fashion shops just a street away from the workshops of numerous craftsmen who take tremendous pride in their work be it chair making, tailoring or icon painting. There are different museums and art galleries that give visitors a unique insight into the history and culture and there are many fun places to visit like wineries and beer factories and handicraft workshops - and a wealth of different restaurants to try! At night the tempo changes dramatically, but there is still something for everyone with a rich variety of hotel entertainment, classical music concerts and local dance bands. For the born romantics there is dinner for two and leisurely strolls in the moonlight.

The villages of Cyprus offer a wonderful contrast to the towns. Each village is different from the next, but they all offer many memorable moments with their slower pace of life that is closely linked to the passing seasons. The villages have interesting architecture, diverse crafts and colourful folklore to discover. You will always be proudly welcomed with warm Cypriot hospitality.

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